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What the heck is Funky D?

The first question we often get is, "What is Funky D?" Around here you usually get a story with every question. We are both story tellers by nature, so be prepared for a story any time you ask a question or click on blog post....but I digress.

Between Dale and I, we have 7 kids, but whenever we count, it comes to 8. Most of these wonderful people are off and on their own ("on their own" is loosely defined) and we still have two at home here on the Funky D. Our 8th child is one we have included in to our blended family. He is every bit as much a part of this family as any of our biological kids. Our youngest son, Peyton's best friend, Connor has a way of greeting and naming people, pets, name it. He didn't take long to name Dale; who is the most soulful caucasian man you'll ever know. Whenever he would walk through the door with Peyton after school or a hike, he would immediately start with, "How's it going, Funky D?" To which Dale would answer, "Going good, Jazzy C!" After a while, we all began to refer to Dale as Funky D - just to make it easier. You know, when asking any of the kids where Dale was, I'd have his kids, my kids (his steps) and any number of others we have the privilege of loving on - I'd think through his names, Dale, Daddy, etc....And there you have it. Where is Funky D?

So, then why Funky D Ranch? Well, that is the fault of Facebook! Our friends were out for a BBQ and one or two of them wanted to "check in". Clearly, we needed to name our place. About 10 seconds later, the Funky D Ranch was born. Since then, it has taken on a life of its own. We began having annual Hog Roasts at the Funky D, grew our garden at the Funky D, and began our development and design company at the Funky D.

The Funky D Ranch is located just south of the South Hill of Spokane, WA - in an area called the Palouse. It is a joy to drive by wheat fields, dodge the brave deer and porcupines in the road and say hello to the growing number of Alpacas and Llamas that graze alongside the cows and horses out here. The Funky D will be adding chicks to the coop this year and if Dale (I mean Funky D) has anything to say about, we will be getting some ducks as well.

As I write this post, I hear the song, "God Blessed the Broken Road - that lead me straight to you." That song is so meaningful for us here and exactly why we love our lives out on the Funky D so very much. But that, my friends is another story, for another blog post. So today - breathe in the goodness of life, no matter where you are in your journey. And remember, God has you. Thanks for stopping by the Funky D. Come back real soon - ya hear?


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