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Our Dogs are getting famous......

Our dogs are becoming celebrities. Ever since we opened the Barnery as an Airbnb last November, they are getting as much attention as the space. They have a following & a line of Merch. Do we need a publicist? An Agent? Ever since we visited Walla Walla on a wine tasting trip and picked up a book, “Winery Dogs of Walla Walla”, we knew we were in for it. (Thanks Barbara Whatley!) Our dogs are cuter than most of those, and they are getting ink.

Maybe, if we can suck up enough, we can get in on the next issue of “Winery dogs of Washington”. While Funky D Ranch is not yet part of an official AVA (American Viticulture Area) in Washington State(yet), I think we are on our way. Further, if having cute dogs is any requirement for this to happen, then ‘Check’! Maybe our unsolicited shameless promotion of Whatley’s books will help too?!

I mean, come on! check out their Instagram page: @FunkyDRanchDogs.

Oh, and feel free to buy some of their merch. It’ll help us keep Roxy in frisbees (she’s up to a one per week habit).

Oh, and Keyla lives here too.




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