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Dale and Cheryl DuPree

Living life out on the Funky D - we find the simple things to be the most special.  We are awakened every morning by the sun coming up over the hill and we stop to savor each evening as we watch it set.  It's taken a lot of years to learn that the simple things are worth more of our time and attention.


That is the philosophy we bring to our work.  Every design, from beginning to end is wonderfully simple.  We use items that might otherwise have been forgotten and create something new and beautiful.  Reclaimed wood becomes a table.  An old wheel of a rusty, dilapidated cart becomes a chandellier.  The tin from an old roof - well that could become any number of things.


That  brings us to you. It is our greatest desire to come along side you and help you create your unique space. One that inspires you. Whether that be an entire home or just a cozy corner.  Perhaps it is an event, a time that you'd like to capture as a favorite memory.   How can we help you? Contact us here and let's dream together. 

We're still discovering what this beautiful piece of land can become. As we learn what new ideas we can bring to light we'll share them with you.


Dale and Cheryl

PS- If you haven't seen the docufilm, "Kiss the Ground", Check it out. . It gives voice to much of what's happening out here on the ranch and gives it meaning in a broader sense that we didn't even know about. Very encouraging! 


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