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Barnery is 'complete'!

We had an eventful year! Winter is the best time to reflect here on The Ranch; it's too rainy for work today, and I'm a wimp, so reflection it is.

We completed phase II & III of our deck-a-palooza on the Barnery. We wanted to maximize the outdoor space and got rather carried away. As of last year we had decided to add a swim spa & a hot tub for us and our guests to enjoy, but we weren't entirely sure how to finish it off. The finished deck is an approximate 1000 sq ft, three level monstrosity, but we're tickled. The best part is that when you get out to the farthest edge you can see over the vineyard, And hear the creek even when at it's lowest.

We had a successful Hogroast, grape harvest & crush, and two wedding events this summer. All of these were fantastic ways to share this little piece of Creation with more friends. We have now listed the Barnery on Airbnb if anyone is looking for a getaway!

Our vineyard yielded 402 lbs of fruit this year which translates into 23 gallons of wine or 9 cases.

On the list for next year are: a.)Chicken Coop 3.0, a remodel to provide our chickens a better existence and (don't tell Cheryl), allow me to raise Quail! They have GOT to be the cutest things on the planet; b.) Install a retaining wall and and slab in front of the barn which will provide a cleaner floor for the tent, easier raising and lowering, and it will double as a pickleball court.


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